NASA Tech: Survive any weather with this blanket

I was once caught in a blizzard and was forced to spend the night in my pick up. Out of gas, no heat, no blankets, temperatures under 20 degrees. I thought I was going to die that night. By the grace of God I survived and vowed that day that I would always be prepared, no matter the situation.

I’ve been a survival enthusiast ever since. I have multiple packs that are on stand by in case of any disaster that may come. Being prepared is the only thing standing between you and death in a life-threatening situation.

I’ve been through some pretty harsh winters in the outdoors. I survived by having a well-insulated sleeping bag and a thermal tent. The problem is this gear is very bulky and not well suited for survival packs or emergency car kits and let’s face it, most normal folks aren’t as “nuts” as I might be when it comes to preparing.

That is until now…

Last year I was given a small package, no bigger than pack of cards by my good friend and hunting buddy, Professor Brookstone. He is a government contractor and at the time he was working on a secret prototype for a ultra thin, lightweight, but durable insulated material for the US Government.

He told me with a huge grin on his face “this will keep you warmer then any sleeping bag on the market.”

Naturally I was reluctant, so to prove it he told me that he would sleep with only that thin metallic looking blanket over him.

It was below 20 that night, while I was trying to keep myself warm inside my sleeping bag, inside my tent. Brookstone, was in his little tent wrapped in this thin metallic blanket. I woke up the middle of the night shivering and knew I had to check on Brookstone. When I went over to him he was snoring, looking like a mummy wrapped in tin foil I couldn’t believe it. It was truly amazing.

The next morning as we waited for the coffee to brew, I was so curious to know more about this breakthrough blanket. I couldn’t get much out of him. All he was able to tell me is that this was reverse engineered NASA tech and he was tasked with finding commercial applications for its use.

I HAD to have this in my survival pack. He told me it was just as effective in hot conditions as it was in cold. If your lost in the dessert, this blanket will keep you up to 30% cooler than you would be in direct sunlight. In my eyes this was a game changer.

Brookstone told me he’d been given permission to move the Military overstock to a private warehouse to test the commercial online market with this new technology.

After several months of anticipation, the link to the non-government site that purchased the surplus was shared with me by my friend.

They are liquidating their surplus and offering these thermal blankets now for basically free.

Click the link below to claim yours now. Supplies are limited, so once they sellout it may be months before more come in. Get your hands on some genuine black ops tech. It will give you piece of mind in any harsh weather situation.